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Q: My question(s) are not listed and/or were not answered.

A: Please send your question(s) to

Q: Can I license Humble© PC Systems for resale?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I purchase complete ready to go systems directly from ECS?

A: Yes

Q: Can ECS merge my company's circuits together with Humble© for us?

A: Contact ECS to discuss.

Q: Can I write and implement windowing programs and applications on (in) Humble©

A: Yes and No.  Contact ECS to discuss.

Q: Does Humble© use a microprocessor?

A: No.  The Xilinx VLX series and VLX25 (specifically) does not include a microprocessor  (See Xilinx ds112.pdf datasheet).  I believe it is not possible to perform PC apps AND reach a 90% lower average power with 90% slower clocking wrapping a microprocessor within an fpga  (at the same comparative semiconductor process/lithography/fab parameters).  Therefore, Humble© extends all of the kinds of PC apps we presently are familiar with as running on microprocessors. Though it may still be difficult for others to determine (at present), Humble© also enables (extends) a whole new frontier of apps beyond what is known as the microprocessor experience.   I say this with tremendous respect and humility of the first and greater kind.  I am truely intending to convey that Humble© extends the microprocessor.  Further, Humble© does not ditch the microprocessor.  Humble© extends across divides greater than ditches.

Q: Does Humble© run Linux or MS-Windows?

A: No.

Q: Can I run x86 programs on Humble©?

A: No. 

Q: If it doesn't run x86 programs and it doesn't run Linux or MS-Windows what good is it?

A: Well lets see -- 1) it performs the same kinds of PC apps at 100 - 10000 times faster.  2) It typically operates at ~1/10 clocking speed.  3) It can be operated at any faster speed.  4) It typically operates at ~ 1/10 power and therefore enables more features and functions on the same chip where required.  5) It is immune to viruses including Stuxnet.  6) It is more reliable than conventional software microprocessor based systems.  7) It turns on/off in ~ 1 second. 

Q: Is Humble© programmable like existing computers?

A: Yes and no.

Q: What good is a hardware operating system if you can't change it (reprogram it)?

A: Humble's hardware operating system is loaded at turn on.  It is reprogrammable in the sense of one time at turn on a new version may be loaded.  O/S upgrades and changes can be accomplished.

Q: How does it work?

A:)  It works.   . . .☺.  Please consider reading the whole Good Book.  If after reading the whole Good Book you yourself still do not know, consider reading it again (all the words) and continue asking and seeking.

Q: What is the meaning of the word Humble? The first and greater meaning is the meaning you already know.  When I humbled myself I began to see the same world including computers in a different way.  Second, it is an acronym that intends to convey Hardware Unified Multiple Branch Logic Engine.

Q: What is meant by Instant On|Off?

A: When the power is turned on there is no significant 'Boot' time of the o/s or programs, Humble© is ready in approximately 1 second.  When the power is turned off there is no significant turn off time.  Humble© turns off in less than 1 second.  If the user has unsaved data, certainly time is required to save data.

Q: Does Humble© obsolete Linux?

A: No.

Q: What is meant by O/S and Programs immune from viruses (including Stuxnet)?

A: Humble©'s O/S, drivers, and base set of programs reside as hardware so there is no chance or possibility of a boot sector error or boot sector virus, mean-evil-Stuxnet or any other threaded, trojan horse, network or thumb-drive sourced-program-virus wreaking havoc upon these.  However, a Humble© PC as a whole and/or its programs may still be hi-jacked by an unauthorized user (in terms of username and password).  But they may not be dynamically modified or destroyed because they are coded into hardware.  So Humble© closes openings for viruses.  Stated another way, Humble© closes the significant openings and main threats to the O/S and programs.  This said, there still remains an opening (threat) to stored user data.  Humble© simply cannot prevent data corruption via unauthorized or malicious users . . .

Q: Is Humble© a cell phone?

A: No. However, Humble© as the engine for a next generation cell phone would seem to improve the internet connection response time and allow other simultaneous application-features improving user experience without common s/w - on microprocessor disadvantages.  Humble also runs at ~ 1/10 clocking speed and ~1/10 power thereby extending battery life.

Q: Does the Humble© PC have an internet browser?

A: Not yet.  It is in development.

Q: How does the Humble© PC intend to connect to the internet?

A: The initial method intended is via Ethernet connection through a FIOS telephone line (e.g. a Verizon broadband connection).

Q: What is meant by Humble© in relation to Robotics?

A: With some exceptions, present day robots tend not to perform high complexity, multiple functions with smooth simultaneity.  For example we clearly don't see 'ns-4' or 'ns-5' like robots walking around as seen in the movie I-Robot (2004, featuring Will Smith).  Typically when this has been attempted, significant performance, co-ordination, and functional-reliability problems glaringly appear, exemplifying the massively huge problems pitfalls and consequential decision making delays within their respective computer-architecture  (typically microprocessor based) . . . It seems to me a robot based on the Humble© PC should be able to speak and listen and walk simultaneously etc. etc. etc.

Q: What is meant by Humble© in relation to Automotive?

A: Humble© seems well suited for use as the user-cabin-computer and also for integrating engine, transmission, emission control systems altogether.  Thereby lowering total manufacturing cost and overcoming reliability issues.

Q: What is meant by Humble© in relation to Integrated MultiMedia?

A: Humble is designed to run multiple simultaneous programs smoothly, predictably, and reliably.  If one program encounters an error it doesn't adversely affect, interrupt, or interfere with others . . . Each program can be paused, stopped, or restarted.

Q: What is meant by Humble© in relation to voice recognition?

A: Since any kind of port or interface can be incorporated into a Humble© PC without slowing down others, applications like voice recognition become practical without adversely affecting experience..

Q: What kind of main chip does Humble© use?

A: An FPGA.  Specifically Xilinx Virtex 4.

Q: Aren't FPGAs too expensive to compete with microprocessors?

A: No. 

Q: Does Humble© require the use of a particular FPGA?

A: No.  Generally speaking, Humble© is technology independent so that it may be retargeted if a particular FPGA becomes unavailable for whatever reason.  However, present Humble© systems  specifically use a Xilinx Virtex4.  Xilinx is truely an outstanding company.  During the decision selection window Xilinx tipped the scale into their favor because they had and continue to have both general purpose devices and suitable platforms.

Q: How can I invest in Humble©?

A: Start a new company or revitalize an existing company based around Humble©.  Consider innovating a new product or migrate an existing product to Humble©.  Purchase one or more.  Become a seller or distributor or developer.   Migrate or develop peripherals for the Humble© PC.

Q: Why hasn't this been done before?

A: It is a very difficult problem.  Complexity is very high.  The experience by nearly all is to become discouraged long before solving difficult problems and doing good.  When I humbled myself I began to see the world including computers in a different way (without discouragement).  It seems without humbleness as the first AND then each AND every step of the way our minds tend to move away from Understanding.  Tantamount to moving away from long chain thinking abdicating some thinking altogether and choosing unexamined assumptions.  If you are still awake after reading this FAQ and the previous sentences -- turn it around (roll it around)  ... Can experiences (outcomes) be changed?  Hint - Yes.  Therefore, I suggest a turn and going low (humble) moving toward Understanding.  'Start Humble'.

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