New General Purpose HUMBLE PC

Personal Computer (PC)  Re-Architecture, Development System Available

March 3, 2009

by Gregg J. Macdonald, Design Engineer+

Towson, Maryland -- Electronic Compute Systems, Inc., announces today a re-architecture of the 41 year old microprocessor & software operating system based personal computer. 

Features and Benefits include: Instant On, 100 to 10,000 times faster at 1/10 clocking speed, Lower Power, Fewer Components, More reliable, Real time everything friendly, Immune to viruses, Bridgeable to x86 for extending legacy programs, Humble.

The cost of the new operating system is 99 U.S. dollars.  Development System and Licensing also available. Full Press Release, YouTubeVideo


  Enabling Vertical Markets With Segments Upon an FPGA

via Secure Socketable IP -

November 3, 2009

by Gregg J. Macdonald

In the software world when someone says give me a copy of the binary they are referring to the executable *.exe file.  In the hardware world it's pretty much the same when someone refers to the binary they are referring to the executable but it is a *.bit file.  Differences arise with how these files are used.  In the case of *.exe, many such files may be resident on a given platform and any one may be selected for run.  Typically the mapping is one program to one *.exe.  In the case of *.bit, many different files similarly may exist on a platform but there is also an option and a plethora of reasons to include many programs within one *.bin.  Further there is need for connecting programs to programs . . . Consider all the programs necessary to assemble a complete platform as different segments within the platform.  Consider many different companies and developers offering different segments of the platform.  How will it all come together? (read on)


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