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New Processors Present Problems, Payoff

Microsoft patches 31 Windows, IE, Office security holes

Threat of next world war may be in cyberspace

Computer Virus Wikipedia

Carbon Footprint

Computer servers energy consumption doubles

Typical PC Energy Consumption

How Green is My PC

Review of Computer Energy Consumption and Potential Savings

Configurable Processors: The Next Evolutionary Step for Microprocessors

Figure 3 : Power density in packaged microprocessors has risen exponentially for decades

Fake Security Software in Millions of Computers

Cyber Criminals Find New Ways to Attack

43 Million People Fell for Fake Anti-Virus Scam

What's in your Platform?

Framed for child porn by a PC virus

Death of the PC

Death of the PC (2nd article)

Enabling Vertical Markets With Segments via Secure Socketable IP

How to make your PC secure for little or no money

U.S. Government's Cyber Defense System Doesn't Work

Microsoft Warns of serious Browser Security Problem

Blackberry Warns of Weakness Against Hackers

FAA Air-Traffic Networks Breached by Hackers

Twitter Hacked Yet Again

Report: U.S. CyberWar Strategy a Disasterous Mess

New Military Command Planned to Improve U.S. Cyber Security

FBI Uses Computer Viruses to Spy on Suspects

Companies More Prone to Go Vertical

The Evolution of Structured ASICs

Firms Collaborating on Programmable IP for Vertical Markets

A Parallel World

ARM and MIPs return to FPGA

FPGA IP: Keeping Your Options Open

Intel Tests 48 Core Chip

Phishing Frauds Still a Problem

Apple Gets Set to Make its Own Computer Chips

Italian Scientists Unveil Thought-Controlled Robotic Hand

Every Large Institution is Being Hacked

Hacking Risks Persist

Malware Android Apps Threaten Mobile Security

Foreign Reporters' Google Email Hacked in China

Phishers Target FaceBook

iPhone Hacker Says He's Already Hacked Playstation3

Google vs China: The Tip of CyberWar

Intel to buy Xilinx?

Intel to buy FPGA

Intel to buy FPGA 2

Intel to buy FPGA 3

Intel to buy FPGA 4

Intel to buy FPGA 5

Intel to buy FPGA 6

Intel to buy FPGA 7

FPGA Research

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