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                             Humble PC

Key Benefits

Instant On, 100 to 10,000 times faster at ~ 1/10 clocking speed, ~ 1/10 Power, Fewer Components, More reliable, Immune to viruses (including Stuxnet), Bridgeable to x86, Humble


bulletPersonal Computers
bulletCloud Computers
bulletRe-programmable System on Chip
bulletCommunications (Cellular and Internet Telephones)
bulletNetworking (Routers, Servers)
bulletHigh Complexity Robotics
bulletAll in one Integrated Automotive control
bulletAll in one Integrated Multimedia
bulletVoice recognition (in) and synthesis (out)
bulletOn chip compilers, algorithm accelerators
bulletStuxnet Solution for critial fail SAFE ALWAYS operations
bulletPlethora of other embedded applications.

What's Included

bulletHumble PC including
bullet    - Little black box
bullet    - Keyboard
bullet    - Mouse
bullet    - LCD monitor
bullet    - Power supply
bullet    - 2GB Compact Flash
bullet    - Updates for 2 years*

* Purchases during 2011 will receive updates for 5 years

Key Features

    MotherBoard -

bulletDevices Supported: XC4VLX25
bulletClocks: 33 and 100 MHz
bulletMemory: 64 MB DDR SDRAM, 8Mb ZBT SRAM, 64 Mb Flash, 4 kb IIC EEPROM
bulletDisplay: 16 x2 Character LCD
bulletConnectors and Interfaces: 4 SMA Connectors, 2 PS/2 Connectors, 4 Audio Jacks (Stereo AC97 audio codec with line-in, line-out, 50-mW headphone, microphone-in jacks, and SPDIF digital audio jack),)  RS-232 Serial Port, 3 USB Ports (2 Peripheral/1 Host), PC4 JTAG, VGA, Compact Flash, 10/100/1000 Tri-Speed Ethernet PHY, and 2 expansion connectors
bulletXilinx Devices on Board: XC4VLX25, XC95144, XCCACE, XCF32
bulletGeneral purpose DIP switches, LEDs, Pushbuttons
bulletJTAG chain expansion capability, and IIC bus expansion
bulletOnboard voltage regulators
bulletTemperature and voltage monitoring chip with fan controller
bulletPower indicator LED


Description Qty  Price
Humble PC System 1 4,999.00

Frequently Asked Questions


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